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Multimedia journalism, writing and editing

I love working with words and regularly write about changemakers, Filipino migrants, living abroad, travel and culture and my research on constructive journalism. I have also done some science writing, specifically on microbiology, technology/knowledge transfer and innovation. I welcome writing about different subjects as I am like a sponge and happily learn something new from my sources. Some of my commissioned articles can be found here.

With the advent of the internet came many ways of presenting a story. Information delivery in this day and age can no longer be text-only. Text and visuals come alive with multimedia projects. Check out some of my projects here.

Graphic and web design

Next only to my love for working with words is typography. And 90% of design is typography. My favorite weapons in graphic design are InDesign and Photoshop. Here are some samples of my design work.

A good working website does not have to cost much. Especially for entrepreneurs who are starting out. I make websites for small companies and organisations using WordPress. Websites that work and are inexpensive.

Communication and dissemination of European projects

My first European project was in 2013 and now, I’m on my third. I have experience in becoming an active partner, work package leader and recently, as Dissemination and Exploitation Manager of PROGRESS-TT. My other projects include Entente (FP7) and Invest Horizon. I am very well-versed in consortium collaboration, project reporting and the communication and dissemination of European projects (FP7 and H2020).

Workshops on social media and content strategy

I give very practical workshops on social media and content strategy. As someone once said, “Getting information on the internet is like drinking from a fire hydrant.” So how do you make sure you’ll stand out from all the clutter? Book me.